Gum Recontouring / Smile Lift

Gum disease may make straight, white teeth appear less attractive and can detract from a pleasant smile. Beautiful teeth are framed by healthy and beautiful gums, but sometimes, our gums and teeth maybe mal-positioned. Gum re-contouring can correct these discrepancies by creating a gorgeous, youthful smile. Since a beautiful smile is all about proportion,you cannot overlook your gums when addressing your smiles.


One common problem is asymmetrical gum tissue, where the gum tissue is lower on one tooth than it is on the other. This creates the illusion that one tooth is longer than the other.

There is also the “GUMMY SMILE,” where gums are actually covering parts of the teeth that should be exposed, making the teeth appear too short. Sometimes genetics may be to blame,but in other cases, improper oral hygiene when braces were worn or when patients were younger play a role.

Laser Contouring Procedure

Both problems can be corrected through a procedure called gum contouring. Gum contouring, or sculpting, is a simple procedure that takes just minutes. Using our state of the art laser procedure,the tissue is artfully sculpted to the desired position. There is no stitches and minimal discomfort after the anesthesia wears off.

You can even do it during your lunch hour and return to work!

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