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My dental experience with Dr. Grafman has been a pleasing, and I continue to return because she is accommodating to my own nervous reluctance to do the fill in work + replacement & fillings, I am grateful for her wonderful skills and knowledge as a dentist.


Jimina Marvil

I came to Dr. Irene wanting a Hollywood smile that doesn't look fake which is really hard if not impossible to achieve. I wanted everything to look perfect but yet still look natural, again is that ever realistic? I wanted to preserve my teeth but make them look new, aligned, no spacing, shiny, longer, with more volume. I know my ambitions were big, expectations high and not so realistic. To top it all, money was limited. I didn't want to sacrifice my lifestyle too much to achieve this. Well, I can say this is possible with Dr. Irene and her amazing team.

I took a few months to look at different dentists, did my research and finally made the decision to go with her. I couldn't be happier with the results, the procedure and how I feel. It is a scary decision and as much as we care about the aesthetics we need to make sure our health is always the priority. I can guarantee you Dr. Irene will make this non negotiable and always ensure you feel good first.

Thanks again for bringing the best smiles out of me :)

Beatriz Puertolaz

After years of dental work from different dentists at various times in my life I was unhappy with the shape, varying shades and quality of my teeth, most of which were crowns. In addition, the grinding of my teeth had also taken its toll on my bottom teeth and my bite. I not only wanted my teeth to be healthy, I wanted them to look great.

After some research, I sat down for a consultation with Dr. Irene Grafman. We literally went over every single tooth I was unhappy with. Dr. Grafman listened to what my expectations were and explained how she would accomplish my goals. She was so right when she told me "You've come to the right place".

Dr. Grafman is a natural. She has a great technique as she works. She is relaxed, knowledgeable, and intuitive. She knows what you need before you even have to ask for it.

Yes, she is a fine dentist, but most importantly, if you're looking for someone to improve your smile, she's an artist. She has a keen eye and sense of proportion and is simply an expert on what perfect teeth should look like.

I owe my dazzling smile to Dr. Grafman. She exceeded my expectations and I recommend her to anyone considering cosmetic dentistry.

Catherine Giuliani

Dr. Irene,

Over the past year, you have managed to perform a total transformation with my smile. At the consultation, you confidently and expertly explained the Invisalign process and through the wonder of technology, enabled me to see how this treatment would transform my smile. Additional cosmetic dental work - teeth whitening and bonding - completed the look. I couldn't have given myself a better retirement gift, as I enjoy it every day!

Thank you for your professionalism, support, and excellent care.

Appreciatively, Marie Lyons

After having my bite and smile corrected, I now feel a lot less discomfort, headaches, and jaw muscle soreness. Before, my jaw was pushed too far back which lead to pain, excessive, grinding, and major discomfort. Dr. Grafman's professionalism and expertise successfully corrected all of my problems with my bite and my smile. Every visit was painless and my comfort was always checked. I now love my smile and have more confidence when walking around every day. I would immediately recommend Dr. Grafman as it is easy to tell that she is the top in her field! I am beyond satisfied with the results!

Nicholas L. Forte

Dr. Grafman is amazing!

My daughter went to several dentists to address issues with her uneven smile and small teeth. One wanted to break her jaw in order to fix her bite and others had long, expensive orthodontic suggestions.

Dr. Grafman took one look at her and knew immediately that her smile could be perfected with cosmetic bonding in just one or two pain free visits. The results were astounding - not only creating a perfectly aligned and brightened smile but also raising my daughter's confidence level to new heights. Her smile is gorgeous and now mine is too as I immediately set up an appointment for myself after seeing the magical transformation of my lovely daughter.

Thank you Dr. Grafman for your special talent and sharing your gift with us!

Nancie Schnur

I never thought that coming to the dentist could be so enjoyable, but then I met Dr. Grafman. The office is more comfortable then sitting in my living room with the back-massaging chairs and the television in the rooms. The Dentist is truly an enjoyable experience with Dr. Grafman

Matt Rint

Dr. Grafman and her staff provide the best dental care I have experienced whether it be routine cleanings, fillings or more complex bonding procedures. I first came to Dr. Grafman to repair a small crack in my tooth that another dentist was unable to fix.

I was concerned I would have to replace the whole tooth but was thankful Dr. Grafman was able to bond the small area flawlessly. I continue to be impressed by her technique as Dr. Grafman bonded my upper teeth giving me a natural look that fits my smile perfectly. I couldn't be happier with the results.

Shay Apley

Dr. Grafman met me when I had braces that had been sitting on my teeth for years . Despite being there so long, I had huge spaces, and severely overgrown gums to go with them, leaving me with half of a smile. I was too self conscious to show.

In a little over a year, I have a smile that I couldn't be more proud of. My course of Invisalign and gingirectomy have completely transformed my smile and jolted my confidence.

Dr. Grafman's customized approach to improving my smile was exactly the sort of thing I appreciated. I was never afraid to approach her with a concern, which she would always consider, using it to constantly revise and improve my plan.

Dr. Grafman will always be the woman that changed my smile forever.

Shenique Gardner

Dear Dr. Grafman,

Thanks so much for my perfect smile. I love my new teeth! And it didn't even hurt (you know how I feel about needles!) I'm sending my brother to you now, he saw my teeth and wants them himself. I know he'll look great too!

Thanks again!

Rachel Weiss

I am really happy with this practice. Smile Health Spa provides the best in dental care. Period! Over the years, the doctor has brought in more advanced technology and products to the office. When someone asks me where they should go this is where I recommend.

John Galante

Dr. Grafman did an amazing job with my veneers. I had 6 veneers made for my upper teeth because I wanted a perfect smile for my wedding. The procedure was painless. The staff was warm and caring. Two years later I still get compliments like” you must have had a great orthodontist when you were young. “You have a perfect smile” the veneers are so natural looking that people think that I was born with this teeth. I highly recommend Dr. Grafman for all her dental work. She truly cares for her patients oral health and well being.

Ilene Chanin

Dr. Grafman gives me thorough explanations of all the procedures as well as the explanations of the root of most dental issues. I'm thrilled with this place! This practice is a welcoming environment. Dr. Grafman provides the typical survey/questionnaire on everyday habits and actually reviews and discuses each question and answer. She also goes into explanation on causes of certain dental issues and how it ties in with the rest of your body. Who would have known it goes beyond the mouth! Her staff is very nice and accommodating and very friendly. There is no awkward silence of small talk. The doctor and staff work very well together and spend no time understanding each others process. Most dentists I've visited have always rushed me out the door or made me wait very long to be seen. Dr. Grafman stays on top of her scheduled times and also takes care and time for procedures. If there are any delays it is because it is out of her control and she is very apologetic. I am very happy to have her as a dentist. I have hardly visited the same dentist twice. She is someone that I have gone back for scheduled/planned procedures and will continue to return to.

Sunny Ko

The office is very calm and accommodating (tea and snacks, free samples, etc.) I also like that Dr. Grafman is aware of the latest and up-and-coming treatments and methods of prevention. She genuinely cares about her patients and about keeping your smile as healthy as possible. I like that I can trust her and know that she is not leaving anything to become a problem in the future like other dentists that I've had. Really very pleased with this practice. Gentle and competent dentist whose goal is to keep your teeth in the best condition possible. The porcelain onlay Dr. Grafman gave me saved more of my tooth than the standard post/crown combo my old dentist always used. I also bought a product that she recommended to help build up thinning enamel. I would tell other people how happy I am here.

Karin Ruiz

I am writing to tell you how pleased I am with the bonding that you did on my front teeth. Even weeks later, I'm still thrilled about having "perfect" teeth! I decided to have bonding done because I was extremely unhappy with the mottled, yellow enamel of my teeth. Bonding seemed like the best option for me because my teeth were shaped just fine, and I didn't need any massive changes in the alignment of my smile. I was surprised that you were able to perform the bonding on all six teeth in one marathon session with no lab work involved. I was comfortable the entire time-- able to distract myself by watching television certainly didn't hurt. The difference really was like night and day, though, and the before-and-after photos prove it. I am no longer self-conscious about smiling in public. Before I had the bonding done I didn't like to show any teeth when I smiled, mainly because I was embarrassed about the uneven color of my teeth. That's no longer a concern and I feel like I don't have to worry about it anymore. Thank you again.

Ryn Eanes

Aside from the wonderful staff and nice facilities, I go to Dr. Grafman because I have grown to have tremendous trust in her skills. Dr. Grafman has done several complicated procedures on my teeth (e.g. overlays, root canals, etc.) and each time the results have been 100% trouble free. Scheduling appointments is convenient despite my hectic work schedule and when I arrive my treatment starts on time. The staff there is great as well.

Dr. Grafman has been my dentist for the past 7 years. My father was a dentist and so I’m very aware of what makes for good dentistry and Dr. Grafman is definitely outstanding. Not only does she do beautiful dental work of the highest quality—like the two porcelain onlays she’s made for me—she is completely committed to total patient comfort. Dr. Grafman goes out of her way to make sure that her patients experience painless dentistry. To this end, she keeps up with the latest dental technology and constantly invests in new, innovative equipment. The entire atmosphere of her Smile Health Spa is designed to reduce the stress and anxiety of going to the dentist. Additionally, Dr. Grafman facility is modern and immaculate, and she has a very warm and caring staff that is extremely helpful about scheduling checkups and dealing with insurance. If you currently don’t love your dentist, I highly recommend a consultation with Dr. Grafman. You will find that she is not only an excellent dentist, but a lovely person as well.

Cheryl Bailey

My name is Andrew Wolff and I had my Veneers done with Dr. Grafman about 1 year ago. I could not be happier with the result, a perfect natural looking smile. I receive compliments on them on a daily basis. Most importantly the experience of the actual procedure was painless and I felt very comfortable the whole time thanks to Dr. Grafman and her staff, I would recommend them to anyone.

Andrew Wolff

Since I came to Dr. Grafman two years ago to “redo” my teeth, I have been so happy to be able to smile again, and WHAT A SMILE, white, practically perfect teeth which I am so proud of. Everyone commented on them and how much younger I look, most of all my husband Sandy. It has given me even more confidence and as I grow older, I feel much younger because of it. Let yourselves in her hands, you will not be or feel the same again. So much better!!!

Flora Kresteff Nager

Now that the extensive and much needed work on my teeth has been completed, I just wanted you to know how pleased I am with the results. The bridge, root canal, and crown work is completely comfortable, and best of all looks terrific. I have had a lot of dental work done over the years. But this has been the most successful by far. And I might add that your referrals to an implant specialist and an endodontist were right on the money

John Horne

Just when I thought there was no hope for a beautiful smile, I was wrong! I love my new smile.


I came to Dr. Grafman with my two front teeth severely chopped. After she finished bonding them you would never be able to tell the difference. I never thought that coming to the dentist could be so enjoyable, but then I met Dr. Grafman. The office is more comfortable than sitting in my living room, with the back – massaging chairs and the TV’s in the rooms. The dentist is truly an enjoyable experience with Dr. Grafman and she is a total professional.

Garett Pymm

A friend recommended me to this practice. My family and I now have a healthy mouth. She has transformed my smile. Overall, I am very happy here. The friendly staff and clean environment are great. Dr Grafman makes it so easy to speak to her and makes me feel really comfortable and pain free that I keep all my appointments therefore my oral hygiene has never been better. I have already recommended this place to my friends.

Gloria Jimenez-Rodriguez

A friend recommended this practice to me. It is easy to get appointments and friendly service. I am happy with this practice. Dr. Grafman is up to date on all practices and procedures, and takes the time to make you feel welcome. I think the service has been consistently top rate for the ten years I've been coming. I like this place so much that I've already recommended it to my friends.

Patrick Corcoran

I am delighted with my two front veneers. You possess a keen eye for detail, aesthetics and the aptitude for perfection. I am confident knowing that I have a gorgeous new smile. Thank you so much for your time and effort. It was my pleasure to have found you.

Allison Meyers

I was recommended to Dr. Grafman years ago by a co-worker and thankfully so. I've been going to her ever since. The office is always immaculate and welcoming with the help of her friendly staff. I've never actually looked forward to a dentist visit, but knowing that there are minimal pain procedures definitely helps! She's always taken care of my husband and me and even gifted us with reducing bleach treatments for our wedding. Even when changing jobs and insurance the office was quite accommodating and flexible. I would recommend Dr. Grafman to anyone who is finally looking to have the best in dental care.

Sandra Miller

I want to let you know how blessed and happy I am with the dental work you have done for me. My bottom dentures were horrible, I could not eat right they were always loose and moving made me feel horrible. Then one day I received in the mail a card from your office on the work you do and realized I had to try this and make an appointment with you. I made an appointment and I was so blessed with the treatment, courtesy from your staff, it made me feel comfortable and happy that you said that you could help me with my dental problems. You explained everything you had to do, answered any questions I had and that made me feel confident and comfortable. I thank you, your wife Mila and staff who are wonderful. You did the work we talked about and you made it possible for me to smile, laugh and eat with confidence that I feel and look great. I will recommend you highly to family and friends. Again thank you for being so wonderful!

Agnes Leonard

On this day of winter I can say that this is not the winter of my discontent. It is the winter of my content because of you. Due to your remarkable talent and skills I can smile again. First the mini-implant has enabled me to eat everything with absolutely no discomfort, then the bonding of my upper teeth is not only a tooth saver but a smile and laugh generator. I can smile and laugh with no anxiety and concern.So a million thanks and the very best to you and Mrs. Grafman, always.

Jack Bilello

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