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Our teeth naturally darken through the years as they accumulate stain. Dentists have had the ability over the past 8-10 years to whiten teeth, although the results have been somewhat variable. Different materials and techniques have been tried to overcome some of these inconsistencies. Fancy lights and lasers have been promoted as being the answer although, other than causing more sensitivity, they ultimately do no more than the more traditional methods.

Teeth Whitening Methods

The KoR Deep Bleaching System utilizes three different techniques depending on the severity of stain:

● Take Home - For the younger patient and the patient that has the least amount of stain.  This is most similar to the conventional whitening systems used in the past. Although utilizing more advanced whitening materials, the patient is given custom trays into which he places the Kor Take Home Bleach. Generally takes 2 weeks.

● KoR Max Deep Bleach - For someone who has accumulated more stain and wishes to go that extra step to get the whitest teeth possible. This technique involves combining the Take Home System mentioned above with an in-office treatment that incorporates a powerful, specially activated and buffered solution.  This in-office visit is performed after the 2 weeks of Take Home Whitening.

● KoR Max Ultra Deep Bleach - This is for the most difficult cases. This technique adds a 2nd in-office procedure to the KoR Max technique which is performed prior to the Take Home system. Rather than utilizing 2 weeks of take home whitening, someone with particularly difficult teeth might need to do the take home whitening up to 6 weeks.

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