Root Canal

Some degree of discomfort is normal for a period following root canal therapy. Individual experiences may vary, dependent upon several factors:

● Your original diagnosis
● Pain and/or swelling prior to treatment
● How long the infection was present
● Individual reaction to dental therapy

It is difficult to predict which symptoms, if any, you may experience and to what extent. 

It is possible to experience any of the following symptoms after root canal treatment:

● Sensitivity and tenderness around the area treated
● Sensitivity to pressure


● If you experienced PAIN or SWELLING please contact our office; it may be necessary to prescribe an ANTIBIOTIC for you
● AVOID CHEWING on the treatment side until final restoration is placed
● Do not bite or chew on the tooth while a temporary is in place; it can fracture the tooth. Wait until the final restoration is placed
● Brush gently around the root canal tooth
● A permanent restoration needs to be placed on the root canal tooth to prevent reinfection and to preserve and protect the fragile     tooth
● You may notice that after the treatment, your tooth (particularly the front teeth) has undergone a change in color. There are several treatment options to correct this, and Dr. Grafman can go over them with you

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