Porcelain Veneers and All White Crowns

Nothing can create an unforgettable first impression like a gorgeous smile. Your smile is the first thing about you that gets noticed. It is a representation of who you are and what type of person you are. A beautiful smile captures attention and demands respect and it can create an aura of attractiveness, strength, subtleness, and takes years off your appearance. We want your smile to radiate your personality and individuality,so you feel confident and always have something to smile about.

Porcelain Veneers

From making teeth whiter and straighter, to more proportionate to your individual facial structure, veneers just might be the panacea for all your aesthetic dental woes.

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Facts on Porcelain Veneers

Treatment Time: Approximately two-three office visits
Results: Beautiful, natural-looking teeth
Upkeep: Good daily hygiene habits


Can correct a myriad of problems, including:

● Stained or discolored teeth
● Teeth that are poorly shaped or out of alignment
● Gaps and spaces that may make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance 
● May enhance the position and fullness of your lips to create an even more attractive smile
● Can correct any shade discrepancy, while giving you control of choosing a shade for your new smile that is just right for you


Veneers are an excellent way to redesign and reshape your entire mouth. Veneers are a very thin, ceramic shell that covers your existing tooth structure. In placing these new veneers on your teeth, you can fix the look of issues such as staining, cracked teeth, spaces, misaligned teeth, chipped teeth, and many other issues. In terms of the process to place veneers, it is a process that takes approximately two to three visits.

In the first visit, we will discuss the newshape and look of what we are going to accomplish by placing the veneers.

Once we have a plan in place, we will carefully prepare the teeth for the placement of the new veneers.

As we complete this piece of the process,the next step is to take an impression of the newly prepared teeth. This impression will be sent to our laboratory for the final product to be fabricated. We only utilize the highest standard laboratory for fabrication o four work. This process at the laboratory takes between 10-14 days.

While the new veneers are being fabricated at the lab, we will provide you with a beautiful temporary solution to wear for this time. As the veneers are finalized, we will make every effort to make sure that your new veneers will feel just like your natural teeth. We will bond them into place ensuring that you can enjoy your new smile for a very long time!                                                                                             

All-White Crowns 

Over time, our teeth begin to weaken and become more susceptible to problems such as decay, cracks, discoloration, and other problems.

If you feel your smile is not what it once was, crowns can help you recover your smile. If your dentist notices that a tooth is decayed or seems weakened or cracked, a crown may be necessary to make sure that there are no additional problems with the tooth. In cases like this, a filling or cosmetic bonding will not be sufficient.

To maintain a natural look and feel, a porcelain finished crown is best, as it can be matched to the shade of your other teeth. This will allow it to blend in and appear just like one of your natural teeth. 

Repair Therapy for What Life Takes Away From Your Smile!

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Unlike fine wine, our smiles do not improve with age. That gleaming, white grin we flashed in our twenties eventually succumbs to the ravages of time and bad habits, and eventually loses its shape and luster.

As we age, our lips also tend to become less plump as gravity draws the upper lip down covering more of the upper teeth. Poor chewing habits can result in teeth with aggressively worn edges, giving them a flat, sharp and consequently, aged look.

Beautifully-made crowns can correct almost any imperfection and can restore a youthful appearance by creating the gorgeous smile you always dreamed of.

Treatment Time: Two or more Office visits
Results: Natural-looking restorations that strengthen and preserve your teeth
Upkeep: Good daily hygiene habits


Can correct a myriad of problems including:

● Replaces a large filling when there is not enough tooth remaining
● Restores a fractured or broken tooth
● Covers a dental implant
● Attaches a bridge
● Covers a tooth that has had a root canal treatment
● Eliminates unsightly grey or black that show through old crowns
● Corrects poorly shaped or tilted teeth
● Can lengthen or whiten teeth to correct the aging process and give a more youthful appearance
● Can be used to correct worn down teeth and rebuild the proper height and create a youthful appearance to your face

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