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Have you ever wondered why you brush and floss, yet still get cavities and failing dental work?

You have everything to gain by allowing us to help you prevent future oral disease. This will be unlike any other visit you have ever had to the dentist. It will be enjoyable, painless, will help you save money and more importantly, save your teeth. Dr. Grafman is a leader in preventive and minimally invasive dentistry and will give you the tools to prevent future decay. The knowledge you will gain at this dental visit will be indispensable.

A New Era of Dentistry

Why is it that most people assume that it is perfectly normal to keep getting cavities and failing restorations? Why do some people have a mouth full of fillings and some have none? Are those just the lucky ones? Well lucky for us, we are now finding out that it is not just luck,but there is more to it than just brushing, flossing, and avoiding sweets.

We are entering a “new era of dentistry” it is going to be the most exciting time in our lifetime. We are finding out the mouth is not only part of our body, it is one of the most important parts of a patient’s health. There is a definite connection between oral health and our overall health. Medical research has found definitive connection between bacteria found in the mouth with cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s,Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cancers, pregnancy complications, and possibly, now our weight. Most dentists still treat patients as if teeth are individual entities instead of part of our bodies.

We now know that dental cavities is an ongoing chronic disease and this disease manifests itself on individual teeth in the form of a cavity. For all these years we have been treating the symptoms(cavities) without treating the actual cause of the disease.

What makes us so different is that Dr. Grafman is one of the leaders in Preventative Dentistry. We prevent cavities, gum disease, and oral disease by treating the whole person.

Our Medical Approach

Our approach identifies the cause of the disease by assessing each patient’s risk factors with a fast and simple test before correcting the problem, by correcting the risk factors. In medicine,this is called a diagnosis. After the diagnosis, Dr. Grafman prescribes treatment that is custom-fit to that individual in that point in time.

Many dentists see the beginning of a cavity and put a watch on it. The question is “What are we watching?” Will it miraculously reverse on its own? Not if you do not correct what caused this cavity in the first place.

When you go see your doctor for a routine checkup and find out you have high blood pressure and high cholesterol, does your doctor say “You know you’re heading for a heart attack, but we are going to put a watch on it, and if you get chest pains give us a call and we’ll get you in for surgery.”

Sounds ridiculous, but that is what dentists have been saying for decades. Most likely your doctor will recommend dietary changes, lifestyle changes, and possibly some medications that will help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol and prevent the heart attack you may beheaded for. This is exactly how we treat our patients.

Why We Are Different!

Our goal is to prevent you from needing dental treatment by identifying the presence of the disease and assessing your risk for future disease even before it shows up. As your doctor would, we do tests to identify what is causing oral disease, we make changes to prevent it, and then and only then if necessary treat it by surgical intervention (fillings,crowns, root canals).

Dr. Grafman’s goal is to help her patients attain a gorgeous, healthy smile that will last a lifetime. By making an appointment with us, you have so much to gain.

Please call us to set up an evaluation with Dr. Grafman at (212)532-5377, where our goal is to avoid future treatment with Prevention!

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