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g When  I was in my twenties, it was such a great time and the most productive time of my life. I always had a tremendous amount of energy and I felt great. I found time for so many things: Dental School,friends, responsibilities, and still had plenty of energy to go out. I would sleep six to seven hours a day and woke up ready to take on the world.

In my thirties, this energy slowly started to dwindle until my mid-thirties when I did not feel like myself anymore. All I wanted was to feel better and get that energetic feeling back.

One of the most obvious things I noticed that changed was the quality of my sleep. I began to need more and more and no matter how much sleep I got, I always seemed to be tired. Let me explain the difference, I was not sleepy. I got up in the morning after snoozing my alarm four or five times, an hour later after a cup of coffee, I would finally feel awake and I would go through a productive day in my practice with no problems.By the time I came home, I was dragging.

Since the thought of waking up earlier to exercise was too much and I had no energy left by the time I got home, exercise did not happen most days. On a few very ambitious days when I did work out in the morning, I did feel great but it was too much to maintain. I knew that I snored and decided to get myself tested for Sleep Apnea. I went for a sleep test and found out I had very mild sleep apnea. The Doctor did not push any treatment, just said I could try a CPAP or make myself a snore guard and see if I feel any better.

When I realized I was pregnant, my main concern was my baby's well-being. My biggest worry was that he would not get enough oxygen, and the stress it would place on him if I was under stress from lack of quality sleep. I made myself a snore guard to solve those problems, but after about a month of using it, I began developing a click in one of my joints, something I had never experienced before. I managed the problem during my pregnancy by alternating the snore guard with giving my jaw a rest several nights a week.

After I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy, I decided to continue my quest for a treatment that would solve my problem at Pankey Institute for Advanced Dental Studies. I learned a great deal there that made me a much better dentist and taught me what I consider my most important skill. The ability to predict through a comprehensive exam how one’s teeth, joints, and health will be affected in the future. I am able to prevent those problems and help my patients retain a young, healthy smile and improve their quality of life.

I found out what I need to do with my smile but still found no ideal solution for my sleep problem.

For years I had read about dentists who had great success treating breathing and sleep problems through Epigenetics (a science where one creates change by turning on certain genes). Unfortunately,they were all from other countries and not easily accessible. So, I procrastinated doing the dental work I needed because I felt that until I find a solution for my sleep issues, fixing my teeth would just be a band aid.

Every once in a while, I would come across an article relating to this topic but the doctor was not from the United States,until I found Dr. Belfor and the Homeoblock. After reading about him and the appliance, I immediately called for a consultation excited for the possibility.

I consider myself a very "everything in moderation" type of person. I do not believe all the latest crazes, I do not believe in any extremes, and I always research the positives and negatives of all products and procedures before I begin proposing them to my patients and friends. That is one reason that after a great deal of research and after talking to Dr. Belfor, from a dentist’s point of view, I decided to try this procedure on myself first.

Even by my eighth month of treatment, I saw the difference and the results are amazing. I feel like a different person. I do not remember ever being able to wake up without an alarm clock and feeling as rested or being this productive. I commute for almost an hour by train to work and that time used to be for me to catch up on my sleep.

The more I learn about breathing disorders and how much they affect one’s health, quality of life, and contribute to illnesses, I believe the Homeoblock treats every aspect. To be honest, when I started this treatment I was purely in it to help me sleep better, as the appliance’s ability to straighten teeth was not as important. While learning from Dr. Belfor about how to evaluate and design the Homeoblock, I got a chance to evaluate my face. I never realized how asymmetrical I had become with age. Even in these several months since beginning treatment, I have noticed an improvement in the fullness of my lips and an opening and development of my right eye. I love this product so much and believe it could help so many people in so many ways, that I asked Dr. Belfor to teach me as much as possible. This resulted in us forming a nice bond and we agreed to work together to help and educate our patients on the benefits of the Homeoblock appliance.

I truly believe that the Homeoblock can help so many people who think that the way they feel is just due to "stress"or worse "just what happens with age."

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